Working  with film again loosing the digital world for a moment to look back.When I think of the effort it took to create images in the past I wonder why I did it.All those trips to the lab with hands full of rolls of 120 film,not to mention the hundreds of hours in a darkroom.Waiting for the lab to process the films paying them for the pleasure.Meeting the client over a light box, selecting one or two transparencies.Back to the lab to have them printed only to find that the colour is off.I was very lucky as I could stay in the lab with the printer till we got the image right.Next day back to the client to get a final YES. My old fateful Mamiya lies in her bag wondering if she will see action again, bellows pristine her dark solid black body seems to sing to an old man. She will sing again this month as I have made the choice to use film again on some projects. Possibly out of nostalgia but mainly because I adore the charm of film the tones and subtle colour balance.The sound of the shutter and the cool dark body in hand.
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